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Professional Plumbing Service in Makakilo

Makakilo Plumbing ServiceWhether you are a home or business owner in Makakilo or in the surrounding Oahu area call Steve’s Plumbing Service for all your plumbing repairs. For over 3 decades we have provided dependable repair, installation, and maintenance for all residential and commercial properties. We have built a solid name in Makakilo as a company that you can rely on for efficient service, quality work, and competitive rate. We are Hawaii state certified and licensed in all areas of plumbing and repair. We install all types of plumbing from PVC to steel, iron, copper and other type of plumbing.

Plumbing Repair

Are leaking pipes and damaged plumbing driving you crazy? Then now is the time to have your Makakilo plumbing inspected by a Steve’s Plumbing Service technician. We offer full on-site inspection and repair for all types of plumbing systems. Whether you have a small home or a large multi-level complex we can locate the damaged plumbing and make the necessary repairs or upgrades to your current system. Leaky pipes can cause serious damage to your property, so it’s best to take care of them right away. With plumbing, small problems turn into large problems, so let us repair your pipes right away.

Full System Replacement

If you live in an older home, then you may need to have your pipes inspected. Although you may not be experiencing any noticeable damage now, with old pipes, a major disaster could strike at any time. With a proper inspection Steve’s Plumbing Service can assess the pipes in your home or business and then make recommendations to have them replaced. Not all the pipes are the same. We offer full replacement service in which we go in a replace sections of your plumbing or the entire system in order to refresh and restore your plumbing.

Got An Emergency?

Do you have a major flood or other disaster in your home? Contact your Makakilo plumbing service, Steve’s Plumbing Service right away. With one phone call, we’ll promptly arrive at your doorstep and fix your damaged plumbing right away. Our friendly technician will have all tools, equipment, and supplies necessary to help you with emergency and solve the problem immediately. We can help you with all emergencies that include damaged and leaking pipes, water heaters, backed up pipes, and other types of plumbing disasters. We provide full cleanup and other services and help you fully restore your room.

We Carry Water Heaters

When it’s time to buy a brand new water heater, we provide several options for you to choose from. We offer both traditional tank heaters new modern tankless water heaters. Traditional tank heaters store water that is distributed throughout you home. When the tank runs out the water has to refill the tank while the water is not being used. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, do not store the water, but instantly heat the water as it passes through the unit. Although we recommend tankless heaters there are pros and cons to both types. Let us share with you the features and benefits of both tank and tankless models.

If you are looking for plumbing in Makakilo, please call Steve’s Plumbing Service at 808-485-5325 or fill out our online request form.


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