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Dear Friends, 

Our business was built on a foundation of caring – about our community, our clients, our employees, our vendors, and our company. As we continue to learn more about the COVID-19 virus, that foundation of caring means we are committed to taking every precaution possible to help keep everyone healthy and safe.

With this objective in mind, we have implemented several procedures based on CDC recommendations to respond to and reduce the threat of COVID-19, such as:

  • Employees who are able to work from home will do so

  • In-person group meetings and gatherings will be suspended or handled online

  • Our offices will be sanitized on a set schedule, focusing on all the high-contact and high-traffic areas

  • New illness protocols will be put into effect mandating the report of illness at the first sign of any symptom, and suspension of in-person contact with others until the risk of infection has passed

  • Steve’s Plumbing Service employees are encouraged to follow our COVID-19 business guideline policies:

    • Clean hands often

    • Avoid close contact

    • Stay home if sick or family members are sick

    • Cover coughs and sneezes

    • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth, with unwashed hands

    • Disinfect and clean frequently touched surfaces

    • Ensure customer unique needs are addressed

We know that plumbing and drain problems will occur even during illnesses and health concerns. Many of you have scheduled service or repair appointments, and many more will have unforeseen home service needs during the upcoming days and weeks.

What we are doing in the field:

  • Limiting physical contact – including handshaking with clients and team members

  • Washing hands and sanitizing the workspace before and after the job
  • Wearing gloves when possible

  • Covering shoes when entering the home

  • Inquiring about the illness before entering the home to ensure additional precautions are in place like wearing masks, disposable safety uniform coverup


We are always here to help. We are committed to serving your household to the best of our ability – and maintaining the lowest health risk possible while doing so. If you have any concerns, we will be happy to discuss solutions with you or reschedule your appointment. 

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and remain dedicated to the health and safety of your families and our team.



Steve Huffman                                                                                                                     

CEO – President

Steve’s Plumbing Service

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