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Understanding the Parts of a Septic Tank System

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When your septic tank system goes awry, reaching out to a plumber for repairs should be your first course of action. In locations without centralized sewer systems, homeowners have septic tanks that treat their wastewater. In Manoa homeowners’ septic tanks, technology works with natural processes to break down organic material and divide the wastewater from the solids and floating matter.

The 4 Parts of a Septic Tank System

Septic tank systems have four fundamental components: the pipe, the septic tank, the drainfield, and the soil. The pipe is the component that moves wastewater from the home’s plumbing system in the bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room to the septic tank, which is buried underneath the homeowner’s property. Septic tanks are usually made from polyethylene, concrete, or fiberglass, and they’re watertight containers. In the septic tank, the wastewater and soils separate and create decomposing sludge, and this grease and oil rise to the surface. The sludge and scum are prohibited from exiting the septic tank by a T-shaped outlet and several other compartments. The wastewater is allowed to exit the septic tank and enter the drainfield. This process occurs when new wastewater flows into the septic tank. Many drainfields are composed of several trenches with punctured pipes nestled into gravel and blanketed with mesh and dirt. Some of the wastewater in the drainfield is absorbed into the soil, and some of it evaporates. If too much wastewater enters the drainfield, flooding can occur, resulting in backed-up drains. This complication necessitates the services of a plumber. The septic tank system ends as the wastewater enters the soil where microbes treat the wastewater by digesting or removing contaminants before it enters the groundwater.

Contact a Plumber If You Notice . . .

– A strong odor originating from your septic tank
– Wastewater backing up into drains in your home
– Spongy, green grass on the drainfield
– Pooling water or muddy soil surrounding the septic tank area

If your Monoa home has a septic tank, make sure to schedule inspections regularly so that an experienced plumber can assess problems and perform repairs before extensive damage occurs. If you require assistance with your septic tank, contact a plumber from Steve’s Plumbing Service, a trusted plumbing company.

If you would like to learn more about septic tanks in Oahu, please call Steve’s Plumbing Service at 808-485-5325, or fill out our online request form.

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